Locks Changed

When you require your locks changed it is important to call a local locksmith. Our Annerley locksmiths are based here in Annerley, Brisbane and know the area and its locks very well. We keep a stock of locks that are used in Annerley for Queenslanders, apartments, contemporary buildings and retail. Our knowledge of the area is unsurpassed making us the best choice as your first call when your require a locksmith.

change locks Annerley rekey lock

Locks rekeyed

We can change the entire lock if needed but did you know we can also rekey the lock. Rekeying involves just changing the pins inside the lock. The pins are reset to match a new key. When the pins have been reset the old keys will no longer work in the lock. Only the new keys are able to operate the lock. Rekeying a lock is usually a cheaper way to make sure the locks are secure and no one has a key to your home, apartment or business. You save money because the entire locks are not replaced. Many locks are very expensive to replace, especially for commercial doors and apartment doors. Rekeying is usually the best option when you require a new set of keys. It also does not upset any fittings of the lock. No chiselling out or drilling of holes is always a good thing as it does not weaken the door or door frame. Drilling more screw holes can always cause the screws to be weaker if they are close to the old holes.

Locks changed

If you require new locks for your doors our Annerley locksmiths carry a good range of replacement locks. Some common locks for the houses in Annerley are knobsets which have a knob on both sides of the lock and are key operated and rim locks which are surface mounted on the inside of the door with a flat cylinder on the outside. Many old Queenslanders use rim locks such as a Lockwood 001 Deadlatch and are often a better lock for an older house due to the door frame design.

Locks changed 24 hours

Our locksmiths in Annerley are always available to change locks 24 hours a day. You never have to wait very long for a locksmith. Often our response time in an emergency is only 15 minutes. We can be to your house, apartment or business fast to have all or just one of your locks changed.

Security door locks changed

Yes we change and replace locks on security screen doors! We always try to upgrade the security of the security door with a more robust and higher security cylinder. Making security doors far more secure and hard to pick screen door cylinder then the standard door that was installed. Always feel free to ask your lock technician about upgrading your security screen door.