Locks Picked

If you are in Annerley and need a door opened or lock picked, we can send out a locksmith to get your door opened or locked lock back open. When you are locked out, we treat your job as urgent and will do our best to get to you fast!

Our locksmiths have specially designed tools such as lock picks and electric pick guns to open locked doors. An electric pick gun works a lot like an electric screwdriver. Except it does not undo screws. It undoes locks. They generally run on a 6 volt battery and are portable. Unlocking your door with an electric pick gun can be a simple process.

Picked Lock In Annerley Locks are also picked by hand using the feel of the tools as they push the pins of the lock up and down. There is great skill that has to be learnt to pick locks and all our locksmiths are fully trained and qualified tradesmen. We do not send you a learning person when you are in need of a real locksmith.

If you have lost the keys to your lock, we can also have our locksmith make up a new set of keys. Keys can be made onsite with specialised key cutting equipment that can easily duplicate and originate keys. We carry all common keys for locks in Annerley, Yeronga, Coorparoo and West End.  We even have a locksmith in Tarragindi.

So please just call when you need a lock picked and you will have the door open or lock re-opened very fast indeed.