Patio Bolts

lockwood patio boltsPatio bolts are a versatile key operated bolt. They can be used in many different situations to secure a door. They are a good replacement for a barrel bolt as barrel bolts offer very little resistance to a forced attack. Patio bolts are key operated. When the key is turned the bolt becomes deadlocked. This is useful for glass doors as even if the glass is broken, the bolt can not be pulled up by a burglar without the key.

Patio bolts can be used as an extra lock on a sliding door. If the door is not used as an entry door the patio bolt can be fitted to the inside of the door. When the patio bolt is locked there is no entry from the outside. Another door must be used to enter. The patio bolt can be fitted on the face of the door or at the back of the door, depending on how the door is made and installed. The bolt can also be installed at either the top or the bottom. Again, depending on the door manufacture, installation and customer choice.

Lockwood patio bolt fitted to wooden door Patio bolts are great for french doors or rebated doors. They can be used to secure the stationary door or if no entry from the outside is required, they can be used to secure both the stationary door and the opening door for added security. The fixing of a patio bolt is more secure then a barrel bolt. Patio bolts use larger screws and have a stronger larger locking bolt.

patio bolt White fitted to glass door AnnerleyThere are many other uses for patio bolts. They can be used to secure some types of wooden doors and large windows and even used as a bolt to hold a door open as they lock closed with a key, the door can not be accidentally closed.

There are different brands of patio bolts and different quality levels. Patio bolts can be keyed alike to other locks in the home. Especially to window locks and even front door locks and screen doors. Often patio bolts can be used to make just one key for the whole home. Not having a large bunch of keys is great for most homes in Annerley.